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A quick-guide to the best motorbike destinations in the Veneto region. Veneto is a region full of opportunities for motorbike tourism. In this post I want to collect a selection of the places and destinations of greatest interest for motorbike tourism in this region.

It is not meant to be an exhaustive guide, it is certainly a limited selection, conditioned by my personal preferences, but I hope it can be interesting for those who want to visit my region by motorbike.

Veneto is in an interesting geographical position, between Lake Garda, the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea, and borders on equally interesting regions for motorbike tourism, in particular the nearby Trentino region.

In selecting the best itineraries and the most interesting motorbike touring destinations in the Veneto region, I took into account many factors, among the main ones I evaluated, for example, the driving pleasure, the natural landscapes, the culture and historical importance of places.

So here is my very personal guide to the best motorbike touring destinations in Veneto:

Lago di Garda

The roads and curves of the Veneto side of Garda Lake are perhaps a little more touristy than those of the Lombardia side, which is wilder and with many stretches overlooking the lake (one of which is the legendary Strada della Forra). But avoiding the busiest periods, the villages and towns of historical and scenic interest on the Veneto side (Peschiera del Garda, Lazise, ​​Torri del Benaco... just to name a few) really have so much charm to offer. The Garda area is generally among the most interesting for a motorbike trip, also due to the proximity of many itineraries on the border with nearby Trentino. The roads of Monte Baldo, the Folgaria, the Pasubio valleys... these places near the lake are certainly a good excuse to travel to this area:

Garda Lake road tour: discover more

Monte Baldo: discover more

Valli del Pasubio: discover more

Strada della Forra (Lombardia): discover more


This geographical area is very interesting because it is relatively uncrowded, it has beautiful landscapes and very fascinating roads, from the hills of Valpolicella to those north of Soave, to reach the Pre-Alps on the border with Trentino. Lessinia is to be discovered at your own pace, along wider roads in the valley or narrower roads between vineyards and olive groves. Some interesting places to visit are Bolca Museum of fossils, the old town of borgo di Giazza, and the ancesrtal place of Ponte di Veja, but the most beautiful area is undoubtedly that of the Lessinia Regional Park, between Malga San Giorgio and Passo Fittanze:

Lessinia road trip (first part): discover more

Lessinia road trip (second part): discover more

In Lessinia you can also try a very fascinating off-road route, the beautiful Trans-Lessinia road.

Altopiano di Asiago

The Asiago plateau is quite inhabited, so it is not the best place to go on motorbike rides freely on the road, but the surrounding areas are really rich in points of interest that can be easily reached by motorbike to have much fun, also with off-road opportunities:

Passo Vezzena: discover more

Monte Corno (with off-road sections): discover more

Cima Grappa

An iconic place full of meanings like few others, Cima Grappa can be reached by following different itineraries, all of which are very fascinating. Here's my favorite:

Cima Grappa: discover more


Certainly no need of introduction. The Dolomites are simply the Dolomites. There is nothing more to add. If you organize a motorcycle trip in the Veneto you cannot miss them. Unique and unforgettable experience. My favorite itineraries:

Dolomiti road trip: discover more

Passo Rolle, San Pellegrino, Pordoi: discover more

Colline Venete

The hilly landscapes in Veneto are really unique. We have already talked about the Verona hills of Valpolicella and Soave nearby Garda Lake, but the Veneto has other hilly beauties to discover:

Treviso hills, Asolo and Possagno: discover more

Vicenza hills and Dorsale Berica: discover more

Padova hills and Terme Euganee: discover more

Mare Adriatico

The Adriatic sea and Venetian beaches are full of tourism in the summer, but there are places that deserve to be visited throughout the year, such as Caorle or Chioggia, easily reachable by motorbike for a romantic stroll, perhaps at sunrise or sunset . But among the most interesting places to go by motorbike along the Adriatic, this is my favorite itinerary:

Delta del Po e Strada del mare: discover more

Historical places

In Veneto there is certainly no shortage of places dedicated to culture and places of profound historical interest. Among all the possible destinations such as historical centers or museums, I have selected my favorite historical itinerary that is easily accessible by motorbike:

The medieval places around Padua: discover more 

Here are some of my favorite places in the Veneto region:

Cima Grappa


Garda Lake


Passo Vezzena

For more information on all the tourist and cultural attractions of the region:

The Veneto Region official website: The land of Venice

Also discover my selection of best road trips in Italy: learn more

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